Compliance by February 7th 2020

is still required

There is some confusion about the date that the new requirements apply. This is because FMCSA are postponing for two years the compliance date for a part of the requirements. This only refers to two requirements in respect of the Trainer Provider Registry. These are:

  1. The date for training providers to up-load entry level driver training certification information into the Training Provider Registry.
  2. The date for State Driver Licensing Agencies (SDLA’s) to receive driver specific ELDT information.

These two items are the IT systems to communicate the training from the location to FMCSA and from FMCSA to the SDLA’s. The remaining parts of the TPR requirements must still be complied with from February 7th 2020

All the requirements for the ELDT and SMS must be complied with from February 7th 2020.

What you need to know about MAP-21



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