What is included in the

Supplement Program

Supplement Program
A DVD or flash drive that trains the additional 27 subjects required by the Entry Level Driver Training requirements. The 27 subjects added are:

1 FMCSA Rules & Regulations
  DOT Rules & Regulations
2 Motor Vehicle Record Check
3 Medical Qualifications
4 Hours of Service Regulations
5 En Route Vehicle Inspections
6 Trip Planning
7 Weigh Station Regulations
8 Penalties & Fines
  Driving the Bus
9 Personal Security
10 Temperature & Interior Lighting
11 Environmental Hazards
12 Highways, Merging, & Lane Changing
13 Skidding
14 Manual Transmissions


15 Fueling
16 Risk with Leaving Students Unattended at Stops
17 Idling
18 Talking or Texting on a Phone
  Slips, Trips & Falls
19 Slips, Trips & Falls
  Vehicle System & Operation
20 Vehicle Safety Components
21 Anti-Lock Brakes
22 Strobe Lights
23 Seat Belts
24 Breakdowns En Route
25 Use of Fire Extinguisher
26 Use of First Aid Kit
27 When on Field Trips


A trainers guide to help your trainer deliver the training on these 27 subjects.
MAP21 Trainers Guide 


A drivers job aide detailing the most important practices for these 27 subjects.
Drivers Job Aide 


A guide to explain the Trainer Provider Registry requirements. This includes:

  1. Explanation of Compliance
  2. Copy of the TPR form
  3. Copy of checklist of all 303 required practices
  4. Copy of actual requirements from FMCSA
  5. Final Exam
Trainer Provider Registry 


A guide explaining how to implement the Safety Management System.
Safety Management System