Transporting Students with
Special Needs


A recreated and updated Students with Special Needs training course

Transporting students with special needs involves many challenges and requires focused training for both the drivers and the monitors. Our original course, created in 2010, is almost 11 years old, and we have identified many ways to update and improve this course. The new course follows a Safety Management System that makes the desired behaviors easy to understand and apply.


Safely transporting students with special needs has many challenges. This course has been created to train drivers and monitors what they need to know to help safely transport these students. The training is provided from eight interactive video-based programs through questions and discussion points.

There are many changes in the new course, and these include:

  1. The new course is built around a Safety Management System where all the hazards in transporting students with special needs have been identified. We then train the safe behaviors to remove or reduce these hazards.
  2. Completely re-scripted, re-filmed, and re-created all the programs.
  3. Each program focuses on what we seek to achieve in presenting the training and desired outcomes.
  4. New additional program – Roles & Responsibilities of the Monitors/Attendants.
  5. Each program now has an exam included at the end.
  6. We have also added an extensive 50-question final exam. Shorter, sharper, more focused narration delivered by multiple professional narrators.

New Course includes eight video-based training programs:

  1. Overview & Legislation Requirements
  2. Roles & Responsibilities of the Monitors/Attendants
  3. Transportation challenges
  4. Types of Special Needs
  5. Lifts & Mobility Devices
  6. Securement
  7. Balancing Specialized Needs
  8. Emergency Evacuation
  9. Final Exam

Guide on How to Use the Course
Trainers Guide
Driver and Monitor Study Guide
Safety Management System Poster
Reference Guide
Final Exam
Certificate of Completion

All for only $1,975


All the training seeks to persuade drivers and monitors to apply the behaviors on the right side the Safety Management System Poster and avoid the behaviors on the left side.