About the School Bus Training Courses

Award-Winning Driver Safety Training

Training Bus Drivers for Over 20 Years

The experts at the School Bus Safety Company have been designing award-winning school bus driver training programs for school bus drivers for more than 20 years. Until now, their work has been private-labeled and not available to district fleets like yours. But now they’re making these breakthrough bus safety videos available for the very first time.

school bus driver training

The School Bus Safety Company has a team of performance improvement experts with specialties that include fleet operations and safety, industrial psychology, instructional design and media production. They have worked together to bring you this breakthrough series of school bus safety videos.

Jeff Cassell

Jeff Cassell is a safety expert with more than 20 years of experience in making kids safer. He was responsible for both the installation of crossing gates on more than 38,000 buses and the first major installation of the Child Checkmate System to ensure that drivers checked for sleeping children.

Cassell is President of the School Bus Safety Company where he is responsible for helping create school bus driver training programs for school districts.

Prior to joining the School Bus Safety Company, Cassell was the Vice President, Corporate Risk Management for the Laidlaw Group leading all operational and safety programs for the drivers of more than 38,000 school buses who transported more than 2 million children to and from school every day. Under Cassell’s guidance, Laidlaw reduced their accident rate by more than 72% and their cost of losses were reduced by more than $40 million per year.