The School Bus Driver Training Course

The Most Effective Bus Driver Training Course Available

The Driver Training Course is comprised of 27 integrated topics that cover almost everything a school bus driver needs to know to do their job the right way, the first time, every time. When used as explained in the guides, this course will change the behavior of your drivers and help them to remove or reduce risk and provide a superior level of service, and improve school bus safety.

Buy the complete new course covering 27 subjects plus a final exam – $5,500 (Reduced to $5,200 if a member of a school bus state association) (See below for details of the 27 subjects.)

The School Bus Driver Training curriculum was designed and written by school bus safety experts, so it’s a complete training system aimed at developing the safest and most professional school bus drivers.


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The Driver Training Course includes everything you need to prepare your drivers to be the best they can be. Quality videos depict realistic situations and model correct behavior. Animations and discussion pages enhance the learning points. Quizzes allow for knowledge checks. Wall posters provide ongoing reinforcement of the most important points.


Subjects covered under each function

Safety and Defensive Driving

  1. Safety Best Practices
  2. LLLC Defensive Driving

About the Bus

  1. Meet The Bus
  2. Pre & Post Trip Inspections
  3. Mirror Adj & Ref points
  4. Check Your Brakes

About Driving Situations

  1. Intersections
  2. Safe Backing
  3. Railroad Crossings
  4. Danger Zones
  5. Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety
  6. Adverse Driving Conditions
  7. Mountain Driving

About the Driver

  1. Preventing Driver Fatigue
  2. Preventing Driver Distractions
  3. Preventing Harassment
  4. Drugs & Alcohol

About the Children

  1. Safe Bus Stops
  2. Student Management
  3. Extreme Student Management
  4. Sleeping Children
  5. Power Lines
  6. Preparing Students to Learn

When All Else Fails

  1. Emergency Evacuations
  2. Post Accident Procedures

Additional Programs

  1. Operating Electric Buses
  2. ELDT Compliance Supplements
  3. Final Exam



Each course contains 27 instructional videos, a final exam, and 15 educational posters. In addition, the kit includes:

    • A Driver Study Guide: This guide is used in the classroom, in the yard, and during the behind-the-wheel skills-based training. It includes a complete and accurate description of every major skill in the course. [One guide is included. You’ll want to purchase one for each new driver you train.]
    • A Classroom Trainer’s Guide with instructions on how to teach each lesson.
    • A Behind-The-Wheel Trainer’s Guide that explains how to coach a driver behind-the-wheel to achieve professional performance improving school bus safety.


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NOTE: You can only order copies of the guides, or additional posters in addition to the full course. Guides or posters will not be provided on their own.

Bus drivers play a crucial role in the safe transportation of students to and from school.  School Bus Safety Company’s curriculum is designed with safety at the forefront of everything taught so that you can be sure your drivers are well-equipped for the task at hand. Order now to start preparing your drivers.