Safe Practices for Downed Power Lines

Important New Training

From the School Bus Safety Company

Many times each year, school buses are involved in accidents involving power lines falling onto the bus. This could create a disastrous situation. SBSC has worked with experts from the power industry to create a training program for the drivers and for the students on what to do if this unfortunate event occurs.

Overhead lines carry high voltages. These can be 30,000, 60,000 and in some cases as high as one million volts. If such a line is touching a bus and the breaker has not activated, untrained school bus drivers may take actions that they think are correct, but could result in a tragedy.


 school bus driver training courses for downed power lines

Safe Practices for Downed Power Lines addresses the myths about power lines. These programs explain to both drivers and students what to do when a bus is involved with power lines and how to safely exit the bus if they have to when they are unsure if the line is active or not.

Each Kit Includes:

  • One Training DVD for Drivers
  • One Training DVD for Students
  • Trainer’s Guide, for Facilitator
  • Driver Handout, Summarizing Instructions
  • Student Handout, Summarizing Instructions

The combined programs are available from SBSC for only $199 plus shipping costs. A special price is available to members of NAPT of $125, plus shipping.

You can order now (we’ll bill you!) via our online shopping cart or you can download the order form and call, fax or email your order.