The Safety Leadership Course

Do it right, the first time, every time

Every Manager and Supervisor can Benefit from this Course.

Safety Leadership is an advanced self-directed educational course for Directors of Transportation, Managers, Supervisors and Trainers.  It is delivered on a computer through a series of interactive videos.  There are six units, providing about four hours of instruction, followed by a 60 question final exam.


The course explains why people have accidents and how leaders can prevent them from happening. Leaders establish and maintain norms, the accepted way of behaving in any situation. By creating safety norms, leaders are able to influence the behavior of their employees to achieve better results.
Every manager and supervisor can benefit from this course.

This course contains:

  1. Guide To Create The Safest NORMS
  2. Quick Start Guide
  3. Study Guide
  4. Seven Interactive videos
    • (i) Opening Preview
    • (ii) Accidents And Why People Have Them
    • (iii) Understanding Human Behavior
    • (iv) Leadership Principles
    • (v) Leadership Techniques
    • (vi) Behavior-Based Safety
    • (vii) Final Exam

What are NORMS?

  1. The way everyone typically acts
  2. The normal and usual way we all do things
  3. They are what everyone knows is expected of them. They are the best and safest way to perform each and every task so that everyone behaves the same correct, efficient way all the time.

Cost of the course is $2,500, including materials for all the programs and one of each manual. Additional copies of the Study Guide are available separately at a nominal cost. Contact us for quantity pricing.

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NOTE: You can only order copies of the guides, or additional posters in addition to the full course. Guides or posters will not be provided on their own.