School Bus Driver Training Courses
& School Bus Safety Videos

Created by School Bus Safety Experts

Everything You Need to Train and Prepare

School Bus Driver Training Course

The Driver Training Course is comprised of 25 integrated topics ranging from pre-trip inspections to defensive driving to student management, plus a final exam. This is a complete training system aimed at developing professional school bus drivers.

Includes all the practices to meet ELDT requirements.

Available on DVD, Thumb Drive or Via the Web.


The Trainer Certification Process

The Trainer Certification Process covers everything a trainer needs to know. This includes a number of demonstrations of commentary driving, the most effective Behind-The-Wheel training.


Safety Leadership Course

Safety Leadership is an advanced self-directed educational course for Directors of Transportation, Managers, Supervisors and Trainers.


Transporting Students With Special Needs

The School Bus Safety Company has created a comprehensive training program to help the driver provide the most professional service possible.


Bullying Prevention on the School Bus

Help your drivers recognize bullying and know what they can do to prevent bullying and teasing.



OSHA Compliance/Bus Garage Safety Toolkit

Help managers quickly and easily achieve compliance with OSHA regulations in the least amount of time and with the least amount of effort with the OSHA Compliance/Bus Garage Safety Toolkit


Student Programs

Comprehensive, age-appropriate student programs to improve safety on the school bus.

School Bus Safety Program 1 – Pre K to Grade 2

School Bus Safety Program 2 – Grades 3 to 5

School Bus Safety Program 3 – Grades 6 and Up