New CDL Training Course

The course includes nine interactive Programs:

    1. Course Introduction and Rules & Regulations
    2. Vehicle Inspections
    3. General Knowledge Part 1
    4. General Knowledge Part 2
    5. Cargo & Hazardous Materials
    6. Transporting Passengers
    7. School Bus Endorsement
    8. Air Brakes
    9. Practice Tests


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to go through each program


Can also be accessed through the web via a Learning Management System that delivers the training on the above seven subjects and then allows the trainee to take all the practice tests, similar to how they will take the actual CDL test at the DMV. Call for the costs of delivering the training through the web.

Practice tests are taken on a computer to simulate the actual process at the DMV and make the trainee more comfortable




Importance of CDL Training

Turning applicants into qualified school bus drivers is always a challenge. Many great applicants are lost due to the difficulty of passing the CDL written test. This new course has made the training far easier to understand and will increase the success in applicants passing the test first time. The course includes:

  • Two narrators, who work together to deliver the training
  • Video of the correct practices to help trainees understand
  • Many test tips to help with the success
  • Extensive CDL practice tests – 16 tests containing around 500 questions. The tests show when employee answers incorrectly and then provides the correct answer