Bullying Prevention on the School Bus

What Your Drivers Can Do About Bullying

A School Bus Safety Company Program


Stop Bullying

This course will help your drivers understand the difference between conflict and bullying. They will know how to set the stage for a bully-free bus, how to recognize bullying and know what they can do to stop bullying and teasing.



For $950, help your drivers know what they can do to stop bullying on the school bus.

Three Subjects:

  • Bullying – How Do I Recognize It?
  • Bullying – What Can I Do About It?
  • Handling Bullying Situations

“The driver’s main job is to transport the students safely; but with a little effort, they can also reduce the pain and suffering of kids who would otherwise be bullied.”
– Jeff Cassell, President School Bus Safety Company

The course comes complete with three DVDs, a trainer’s guide, and an informative job aid for each driver.


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