Free Training Program - Danger Zones

Program to teach drivers all the safe practices to prevent Danger Zone accidents

Since 2010, we have provided free copies of our Danger Zones bus driver training program. We updated this in 2015, 2018 and have now updated again in 2024.  We have given away more than 6,000 copies of this program during this period.


The School Bus Safety Company has just completely updated our Danger Zones Driver Training Program and are offering free copies of this new program to all school bus locations. This new and improved course includes:


  • Examples of child fatalities in the last two years and explanations of how each of these could have been prevented
  • More in-depth training on safe crossing procedures
  • Additional training for safe crossing procedures in the morning
  • Examples of large claim settlements and the actions that could have prevented these.
  • New narrators with improved delivery of the training
We are providing this program for free, for two reasons:
1. We really do care about the kids and if we can help save a child’s life, what could be more rewarding.
2. We hope that when locations see how good this one program is, they may decide to invest in our full training course and take their training to a far higher level.


In the last 10 years, 55 children were killed in the danger zones around school buses. In the prior ten years there were 110 danger zone child fatalities. Thus, we have reduced these tragedies by 50%. We are going the right way, but we want to get to zero.
This program teaches the drivers all the actions they can take to prevent danger zone accidents. The program consists of a one hour video training program, a trainer’s guide and a driver’s study guide.