Free Training Program - Danger Zones

Program to teach drivers all the safe practices to prevent Danger Zones accidents

Starting back in 2010, we started giving away free copies of our Danger Zones bus driver training program, We gave away over 4,000 copies to districts and contractors who collectively operated over 250,000 school buses.

As we have completely re-created the whole Driver Safety Course, we have completely re-created this program. Everything can be improved and we believe this new program is more extensive and better trains the safest danger zone practices.

This is a completely new Danger Zones training program, only finished in October 2015. It is a complete update and re-creation of the Danger Zones program. School Transportation News (STN) together with SBSC are providing the new Danger Zones course for free.

If you would like a copy of this new program, complete the information below and put a number 1 in the Free Danger Zones box.

Once ordered, you will receive the DVD in a few days. To download a copy of the Trainer’s Guide and Driver’s Handout, please click the links below and print them out. They support the safe practices taught in the DVD.


Drivers Handout Guide Download


We are providing this program for free, for two reasons:

  1. STN and SBSC really do care about the kids and if we can help save a child’s life, what could be better?
  2. We hope that you will see how good this program is, you may decide to invest in our full training course and take the quality of your training to a higher level.

Please share this program with your drivers so they can learn how to prevent Danger Zone accidents. We would welcome any feedback as to what you think of this new program, after you have used it.

Provided by STN & SBSC