MAP 21


The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) has issued new regulations that require more stringent requirements regarding driver training. These new regulations are referred to as MAP 21 (Moving Ahead for Progress 2021). These new regulations apply to all locations who train school bus drivers who require a Class A or Class B CDL License. The new requirements are effective for all new driver training performed after February 7, 2022.

The new regulations have 2 parts:

  1. New Entry Level Driver Training Requirements (ELDT)
  2. Every location to follow train the trainer practices and be listed on a Trainer Provider Registry (TPR)

We recommend that every location should also implement and follow:

  1. A Safety Management System (SMS)

FMCSA is looking to raise the standard of training across the USA, improve the quality of training and ensure that each location has a Safety Management System to reduce commercial vehicle accidents in every state. What they are doing makes great sense and we believe will improve the safety of school bus transportation. This will only be achieved if the new requirements are implemented and followed in the right way.

1. Entry Level Driver Training

The new ELDT requirements are detailed in federal regulations 49 CFR Parts 380, 383 and 384. These regulations address both classroom and Behind-the-Wheel training. There are a total of 63 subjects detailed in the classroom requirements and 30 practices required in the BTW training. These are for the general training, the passenger endorsement and include the school bus endorsement.

Summary of Entry Level Driver Training Required Under New Rules

There are Seven Groups # of Units # of Practices
Theory Instruction – Part 1 34 132
Behind-the-Wheel Range – Part 2 6 8
Behind-the-Wheel Public Road – Part 3 12 28
Appendix C to Part 380 – Passenger Endorsement Training Curriculum – Part 4 18 57
Behind-the-Wheel – Range & Public Road – Part 5 6 20
Appendix D to Part 380 – School Bus Endorsement Training Curriculum – Part 6 11 47
Behind-the-Wheel – Range & Public Road – Part 7 6 111
Totals 93 303

We have compared the 303 required practices to what is already included in our Driver Training Course. We identified 27 subjects that were not included and have created a supplemental program training these additional 27 subjects.

2. Trainer Provider Registry

Included in the new requirements is that your trainers must understand the Entry Level Driver Training Requirements and, at a minimum, train to these requirements.
Each driver trainee must take a written test and achieve at least an 80% correct scoring.

Each location that train drivers must complete the FMCSA Entry-Level Driver Training Provider Identification Report and obtain their unique location training number. A copy of this form is included in our supplemental training program.

3. Safety Management System

In addition to the requirements, we recommend every location develop and follow a Safety Management System (SMS). The SMS should show that the location has identified all the hazards in their operations, have analyzed these hazards and the actions taken to mitigate these hazards.

The actions to achieve this are included in our supplemental program.