Map-21 Compliance

Driver Training Course Supplement

From the School Bus Safety Company

We have now created a supplemental course covering any item, not already included in our Driver Training Course.


 school bus driver training courses for downed power lines

Subjects covered under each function

Safety & defensive driving

  1. Safety Best Practices
  2. LLLC Defensive Driving

About the Bus

  1. Meet The Bus
  2. Pre & Post Trip Inspections
  3. Mirror Adj & Ref points
  4. Check Your Brakes

About Driving Situations

  1. Intersections
  2. Safe Backing
  3. Railroad Crossings
  4. Danger Zones
  5. Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety
  6. Adverse Conditions
  7. Mountain Driving

About the Driver

  1. Driver Fatigue
  2. Driver Distractions
  3. Preventing Harassment
  4. Drugs & Alcohol

About the Children

  1. Safe Bus Stops
  2. Student Management
  3. Extreme Student Behavior
  4. Sleeping Children
  5. Power Lines
  6. Preparing Students to Learn

When All Else Fails

  1. Emergency Evacuations
  2. Post Accident Procedures
  3. Final Exam



Providing the training for the subjects included in the supplement will take around 60 minutes, as most subjects we had not included in our Driver Training Course are minor subjects.

Each Kit Includes:

The combined programs are available from SBSC for only $500 plus shipping costs.

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