Request to the Media

Reminding All Drivers of School Bus Safety

When In Doubt, STOP!

Regrettably, many cars and other vehicles drive past stopped school buses when they are supposed to stop. In the majority of cases, this is due to ignorance of the laws, rather than aggressive driving.

This is a very dangerous practice and puts the lives of our children at risk.

school bus safety

Most drivers are only told about the rules for passing a stopped school bus with flashing red lights only when they learn to drive – often many years ago. We would like to request the help of the media in reminding all drivers of school bus safety practices when school buses are stopped with their yellow or red lights flashing.

  1. When you see a school bus, assume children will be around and take     extra care – leave lots of space around the bus.
  2. When the bus turns on the flashing yellow lights – this means it is about     to stop either at a railroad crossing or to pick up kids. Slow down and     prepare to stop.
  3. When the bus turns on the flashing red lights – this means STOP in     BOTH directions. Never pass a school bus with flashing red lights in     either direction. Stop well back from the bus. If you have any doubt     what to do – STOP.