Twelve to Zero!

Bus Driver Training For Your School

Can Reduce Catastrophes From Twelve to Zero!

During the past seven years, 83 children have lost their lives in the School Bus Danger Zone. That’s 12 tragedies per year. Tragedies that affect the lives of countless people, parents, family, friends, school officials, teachers and many more. Tragedies that didn’t have to happen. Our goal is to do everything we can to reduce these catastrophes from Twelve to zero by promoting school bus safety!

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There are four great opportunities to get to zero.

  1. Your Drivers – Must be trained in preventing Danger Zone accidents.
    We have provided, for free, more than 4,000 copies of our Danger Zones program to districts and contractors operating over 300,000 school buses in North America.
    Click here to obtain your free copy of the Danger Zones Programs, a school bus safety video designed to prevent Danger Zone fatalities.
    Danger zone program
  2. Your School Buses
    We believe EVERY school bus should have a working crossing gate. If any of your vehicles don’t, please get them installed – they reduce the risk of a child getting too close to the front of the bus.
  3. Other drivers
    Many of the 83 fatalities happened when kids crossed the street and were hit by passing cars, despite the red flashing lights and laws. Why do drivers do this? Many still don’t know any better, they just don’t know they’re required to stop. Please encourage your local newspapers, radio stations, PTA and don’t know they’re required to stop. Please encourage your local newspapers, radio stations, PTA and kids. Ask your police to help with the communication and to enforce the laws. Ask your drivers to get license plates when they see this happen and share them with you’re your local police for follow-up.
    Click here to obtain an example message to share with the media.
    Media message
  4. The Kids
    We must teach the students how to be safe in and around their school bus. The younger children are carefree, rather than careless. For children under seven, the rate of fatalities is three times higher than older groups. We need to teach these kids to respect the bus and to understand how dangerous it can be.The School Bus Safety Company has just created three great education programs aimed at children of all ages. They’re described earier in this web site.


Every child fatality is a catastrophe. Even one is unacceptable. To get from Twelve to zero! We need to address all four areas.

At The School Bus Safety Company, we don’t just talk about this, we take action – we do something concrete to reduce these deaths. We have given away 4,000 copies of our Danger Zones program.

Now we ask you consider the four actions above and help us go from Twelve to zero!